Regulate!: The Manual by Clarence M. Allen

Stepping out from the dark, author Clarence M. Allen brings inspiration to others. Regulate!: The Manual dares you to face the reality of the cruelties of life and muster the courage to face and overcome it.

The world itself is filled with problems. While every waking day is a sign of new hope, it is also a fact that facing life each day means facing different dilemmas along the way. Most of these problems revolve inside inner city streets and frenzied neighborhoods. Intrigues, scandals, and adventures come about in neighborhood and cities all across America and the world. Regulate! provides a bird’s eye view of the many things that go around in these places every day that ultimately create problems in individuals. Both instructional and interactive, it offers tricks and traps—which the author learned though personal experiences—that allow one to deal with these predicaments.

Eye-opening and downright frank, this book touches on the gangs, the gang members, the gang bangers, the gangsters, racism, gays and lesbians, and even the status quo. Regulate!: The Manual is a provocative and entertaining look at how social issues should be dealt with in order to find peace in one’s personal life.